Being the oldest day care centre of the country, the Creche of Luxembourg gained a wealth of experience through a hundred-year history.

The Creche was founded in 1898 and carried out the noble social mission to help needy families to look after the children whose mothers had no choice but work.

Not only thanks to the support of the City of Luxemboug, which was already sensitive to the social needs of its citizens, but also thanks to the voluntary commitment of the Franciscan Sisters, the Creche was able to welcome children in several houses rented in the City for 4O years.
In the 1920s, the Creche cherished the dream of a new specialised building, set up in a sunny and open area. The Altmunster Plateau, close to the City and its suburbs, seemed to be the ideal place. Moreover, the Creche received great encouragement from Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess Charlotte. Eventually, our forward-looking “Crèche de Luxembourg” opened its doors on 28th May 1938.

The Creche became a Foundation on 12th July 1988 and is still carrying out its social missions today. As its intention is still to remain open to everyone, the Creche welcomes children of different nationalities and cultures. Its fees are adapted to the working parents’ income, modelled on the prices charged in the local day car centres of the City of Luxembourg.
The Creche could not work properly without the substantial help of the City of Luxembourg, which undertakes the fitting-out and the renovation of our infrastructures and helps financing the running costs.

Moreover, it receives help from the State, and can count on the generous support of faithful institutional or private donors.
Finally, it draws its dynamism and its modernity from an administration council with engaged and dedicated members and a team of professionals who have always been running the Creche and looking after the children with competence and endless patience.